I have worked with many different brands of resin and I have to say that hands down, Art Resin is my very favorite resin.

I use Art Resin for creating paintings with tons of movement, like the one you see here.

I really appreciate that Art Resin has no VOCs, no fumes and has fabulous anti-yellowing protection. It means that I am safer as an artist and that my hard work will not deteriorate over time.

However, the very best aspect in my opinion is how well Art Resin moves on the canvas.

It is just the right viscosity for painting, and those pesky air bubbles mostly pop out on their own with the stubborn ones easily torched out.

This painting is "Blue Wave" created with Art Resin and Alumilite Pigment Dyes with the use of a heat gun and a propane torch. It is 30" x 40" on a 1.5" cradled birch board.

May 2018

June 2018

My home has been under construction for the last few weeks. I'm just freshening up some outdated bits. Although my home studio is up the stairs and several closed doors away, I couldn't chance the construction dust getting into my resin painting (and man, oh man, there was DUST!)

So, I limited myself to only acrylics for this painting because they are so forgiving. You can see towards the top of the painting, I'm full of hope and dreaming about a new and fresh kitchen. Then towards the bottom, one of the contractors that I secretly dubbed "Whistling Bob" begain to drive me insane with his tuneless noise. After putting in a couple of earplugs, I recovered from the darkness and, voila!

This painting is "Some Days Are Trouble" created with Liquitex acrylic paint. It is 48" x 36" on a 1.5" cradled       birch board.

August 2018

I'm just in love with this grey and white color palette and the splash of gold really pops. These are not traditional ocean colors, but for some reason this piece still reminds me of   the ocean.

This painting is "Keeper" created with Art Resin, Alumilite pigment dyes and gold mica powder. It is 30"x40" on a cradled birch board.