A Resin Artist plays with fire


Resin is a two part liquid compound that hardens to a clear glossy finish.

Acrylic paint or pigment dyes are added to resin during the mixing process to add color and texture. 

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Once the two parts of the resin compund are mixed, a chemical reaction begins, causing the resin to quickly move toward a solid state.

In the best of conditions the artist will have 30-45 minutes to complete the painting.

To create the beautiful movement and lacing effects, a heat gun and a propane torch are used to manipulate the resin.

A resin artist is literally playing with fire to create a work of art that captures the imagination.

Christine Vogensen is a former graphic designer now working as a resin artist and living with her family in Fort Myers, Florida, the seashell hunting capital of the world.

You may follow her shelling and resin art adventures on Instagram at: @VogensenStudio